Mission Statement

The mission of MAGNA is to make social contributions to  the society through the offerings of  quality education and training at the highest level of  service excellence.

To cultivate PRIME (Perceptive, Responsibility, Innovation, Motivation, and Ethics), it is our commitment to:

·       Cultivate students to utilize and apply knowledge in their business fields 

·       Develop responsible, insightful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organizations and communities

·       Engage in innovative, high-impact, and leading-edge training methodology

·       Encourage clients and students to be proactive and motivated in pursuing knowledge and truth

·       Gear Magna staff and students with business ethics and moral principles


MAGNA envisions to become one of the leading education and training institutes in HK that will be closely tied with local and multinational business corporations and organizations. MAGNA, in conjunction with the PRIME mission, is working very hard  to become a leader and pioneer in the business education and training fields in HK.


Core Values

Our core values are Ethics, Quality, Innovation, and Performance. 

·       All MAGNA activities (education, training and development and services) are ethical and proper.

·       Ingenuities and innovations are greatly valued by MAGNA as they often lead to breakthroughs.

·       High quality and standards are maintained at all times.

1.     World View: Incessant development of partnership with worldwide leading institutions

2.     Regional Impact: Continuous engagement with forerunners of academic and industrial cooperation and serve as a resource for regional economic development

3.     Local Distinctiveness: Acknowledge and promote local specialty in the application and research realm of management

4.     Intellectual Ethics: Cultivate virtue, advance intellect

Congenial Culture: Love one’s country, love one’s people