Magna Education Center (Kowloon) is an educational and training institute offering a full range of academic and professional training programs to meet the education, learning and development needs of the local community.

At MAGNA, we are committed to providing clients including students and business professionals with the highest quality of education and training. We are equipped with some of the most modern facilities to integrate with rigorous curriculum to deliver productive and positive educational and training results. These results will enable our clients to familiarize themselves with the current business and management concepts and issues in HK and the globe.

In both our secondary and graduate programs, our institute works closely with students to ensure their learning is current and has met the international standard so that they  can  be developed to meet the business needs of future employers. Furthermore, not only is it important to build professional and technical skills, but we also believe in strengthening personal moral and ethical characters of students. At MAGNA, we strive to become better every day and to seek solutions for tomorrow’s problems.

MAGNA Education Center (Kowloon) is a leading professional training centre offering various training programs and services to corporations and individuals.

Our customized enterprise solutions provide corporate training managers with the resources and the ability to their learning programs and track the progress of all participating employees in the manner that best suits their schedule, budget, learning style and expertise. This service allows for maximizing investment in training, which is our goal when assisting all of our corporate clients.